The Best Way to Drink Matcha Green Tea for Weight Loss

Nowadays, you can find just about any dessert or drink in matcha tea flavour. But what is the best way to drink matcha green tea to benefit weight loss?

How To Make Matcha Green Tea

Growing up I had the good fortune of drinking matcha green tea long before it became a health trend. My father practices the art of Japanese Tea Ceremony and I fondly remember going to events with my dad where he would perform the tea ceremony in front of an audience. I have to admit, I've become a bit of a matcha tea snob due to my upbringing, because I like to appreciate its full flavour in the original form, no sugar or cream added.

Matcha tea is sold in a powdered form in small batches, usually in a metal tin. I always buy organic brands to avoid ingesting the pesticides sprayed on tea leaves. There's a bit of a trick to making it smooth and not lumpy. If you've never made matcha tea before, check out this "how-to" video: